How Are Vaccine Made? Know The Process Of Clinical Trials

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJul 27, 2020

We are eagerly waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine so that no more people succumb to this deadly virus. While waiting have you ever thought how a vaccine is made? We are being told that the coronavirus vaccine would take time to become available but have you thought why there is such a long wait for this vaccination? This video talks about in detail the process of making a vaccine and the clinical trial phases that it goes through before it is made use in the treatment. There are four phases of the clinical trial for a vaccine. The first phase is animal trials for safety so that no human is harmed if the formula is a fail. The second phase trial is done on 30 to 300 volunteers to test the efficacy. Similarly, the phase III trial is conducted on 100 to 3000 volunteers and the final phase is post-marketing surveillance.

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