Home remedies for acidity

Home RemediesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 16, 2016

Hardly there are people that aren’t affected by acidity. The life people lead today, it’s not systematic, people are always in rush, they do not have time to take a proper diet and diet is a major contributing factor. In Ayurveda, it is known as Pyrosis. In acidity, the digestion system gets affected adversely. ‘Acidity’ is something that can affect other parts of your body and not just your stomach. Yes, indeed it is true that ‘acidity’ can affect different parts of your body. It can actually affect your head, mouth, chest and your limbs. So, what is acidity exactly? Acidity occurs when the secretion of acid increases in stomach and when the secretion is in an increased amount, the person might feel burning sensation in chest, which is often called as heartburn. Apart from heartburn, which is the prime sign of acidity, the sufferer may also experience slight discomfort in chest and sudden sour taste in mouth.


The prime cause of acidity is intake of spicy food. However, there are remedies to every ailment and acidity is a very minor ailment that can even be cured with some home remedies. Drinking water can be a very simple home remedy as water can wash out the acid and will ease the burn or extract juice of potato, mix it in warm water and drink it at night before going to bed. You can also use some cumin powder to cure the acidity as cumin can heal the issues related to digestive system, if you take a spoonful of cumin powder, mix it with a little cold water and drink it, it will give you relief. Another very simple way of getting rid of acidity is having a little jaggery after every meal can keep acidity at bay along with treating the prevailing unease of acidity.