Here Are 4 Effective Ways To Avoid Joint Pain In Winters

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 02, 2020

The cold winds during winter season can often increase old joint pains including arthritis. Experts suggest that bone and joint pain should not be ignored and one should pay attention on its treatment. Here are some ways to take care of yourself and avoid joint pain in winters: 

1. Regular exercise 

During winters, it is important to exercise regularly. No physical activity can squeeze your blood vessels and even increase the pain in your nerves and bones. Therefore, easy exercises like walking, jogging and cycling are recommended. 

2. Wear proper clothes

It is also important to take care of what you wear in this season. Dress wisely as heavy clothes can reduce your body movement. So, you can try wearing thin clothes with a lot of layering. By doing this, you can keep yourself warm for a long time. You can wear gloves and socks too.

3. Weight management 

In the winter season, a lot of people gain weight. Weight gain can lead to increased pressure on the joints, that can result in a lot of pain. So, you should take a nutritious and balanced diet in winters too. This should include foods having a lot of calcium and vitamins. 

4. Sunlight exposure 

Morning sunlight is a major source of vitamin D. And, this vitamin is essential for your bones. In winters, you should sit under the sun for sometime. However, don't sit for long time. 

You can use the above listed effective ways to get rid of joint pain in the winter season. Balanced nutritious diet and daily physical activity play major roles in doing so. You can even consult your doctor regarding these tips.

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