Health Tips: These Body Parts Should Not Be Touched Again And Again

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 23, 2020

We get to know about cases, where due to direct contact, the individuals are subjected to bacteria and germs, for carrying out necessary activities, our hands touch several things daily. Despite washing hands and using sanitisers regularly, it is highly impossible to keep your hands free of bacteria and viruses. There are several delicate body parts, which can easily get contaminated with germs. Be it the hair,  reproductive parts or the skin in the human body; all these body parts require great care and are susceptible. Merely touching them, can be a significant reason for infections.

To start with, here are some body parts that you should stop touching right now:

  • Keep Your Hands Away From Your Mouth
  • Don't Poke Your Fingers In Your Eye
  • Your Face Is Off Limits
  • Leave Your Bellybutton Alone
  • Bar Your Ears

People have to face many types of diseases in the changing season. Especially in this era of coronavirus epidemic, it is forbidden to touch various body parts with unsanitized hands. Let us know which are the particular parts of the body which should not be contacted again and again.

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