Guided relaxation by Shri Kamlesh D. Patel

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 06, 2016

The uncalled chaos


We never wish for chaos, no one does. We walk the earth with heavy feet and equally heavy heart. What is the weight that we carrying? It is the weight of the chaos that surrounds us. Why we find it difficult to sleep peacefully at night? We it is such a task for us to focus on our day to day tasks? Why we are not relaxed? The peace is gone; we contain a whirlwind of emotions, a tornado of unsettling thoughts. We are in desperate need of relaxation. We need to relax our minds, our hearts and our souls.



The need of relaxation


The moment we get up in the morning, the turmoil and distress surround us. Tension to get to work, stress to perform better than everyone at work, dissatisfying love life and then by the time it is evening, we are already filled with an ample amount of uncalled chaos. Our minds have worn out, our souls are tattered and our hearts are exhausted. We cannot bear it anymore; half the stress that has taken over our body, mind and soul. We are burdened with stress of our daily life. Life could be much easier, if only we knew how to relax.


Guide to relaxation


Yes, we are troubled; we need a guide to relax. Shri Kamlesh D. Patel here guides us with the right technique of relaxation. You indeed need a guide to relaxation. In this video, you will be taught the right way and method to relax. You learn to summon and harness the energy from earth. Watch this video and relax yourself with the technique taught by our expert.