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Green Tea Vs Black Tea - Which Is Better?

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-03-10

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All varieties of tea is derives from the same plant at different stages. Tea has its own aroma and flavor which appeals the different masses. From last few decades green tea has been advertised as best tea containing several health benefits. But this is not the truth. Every variety of tea has own benefits. The green tea which is used since long in India has several health benefits.If a person is having 2-3 cups of tea daily the benefits are same for black and green tea. Green tea is has some chemicals which leads to prevention of several cancer and auto immune disease. On the other hand, black tea is for people who want to cut caffeine in their diet and don’t love green tea taste.Both green tea and black tea helps to regulate cardiovascular functions. Also the fluoride content is similar in both the teas. So either you drink black or green both the teas will help to maintain healthy heart and good dental health. It is proven that black tea contains half caffeine than coffee and green tea has half of caffeine than black tea.
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