Going To Office Every Day? Better Follow These Tips For Safety

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

After lockdown, most of the offices are now open with limited staff though. However, this does not make any one lesser prone to the virus, which is now difficult to suspect due to various asymptomatic cases coming in as well. So if you are one of those who have to go to office every day due to the nature of the job, one should take all necessary precautions for safety. Hence, this video here talks about tge various measures one can take to be safe from the COVID-19. The video suggests taking all necessary precautions coming from the Health and Home Ministry of Indian Government to American health Agency, CDC and WHO .

While in office, take basic precautions like eating alone rather than eating with your colleagues as this is the time, when wearing a face mask is nearly impossible. Hence, it does not claim here that food can be a reason of COVID-19 spread but it is still the droplets that can travel in air. According to WHO they have not found cases of COVID-19, which possible happened d through food and water. But there is a probability that virus exist at the layer of the food packaging. So, if you are buying packed food and taking it home, do not forget to clean the packaging with water and throw the containers immediately. Some important measures one can take in office before lunch:

  • Clean the place where you will eat lunch and your lunchbox as well and consume food only after washing hands
  • Keep the food items separately. Keep raw and cooked food separately within your lunch box only . 
  • Heat your food if there is a microwave in your office. Take only homemade food and avoid eating out. 

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