GM diet plan and its effectiveness

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 01, 2016

What is GM diet plan?


GM diet plan is basically is a 7 day meal plan and the cleansing systematic effects of GM diet can help you lose a fair amount of weight in lesser time. Although this GM diet is also known as General Motors and was originally created for GM employees to make them lose weight fast and more efficiently. This diet is said to be very effective in real sense. In this 7 day diet, you have a different diet set for each day. On day 1, you eat only fruits during the entire day. You can have fruits but should not have bananas. On day 2, you eat only raw or cooked vegetables like baked potatoes; you can have vegetable salad but do not dress it. On day 3, combine both fruits and vegetables without bananas and potatoes. On day 4, eat at least 8 bananas and 3 glasses of unsweetened milk to get as much as potassium and calcium from banana and milk. Day 5 requires yo0u to eat a combination of meat and tomatoes. On day 6, eat everything enriched in lean protein like skinless chicken, beans and lentils, low fat dairy and fish etc. On day 7, the last day you can eat fruit juices and brown rice.  



Benefits and disadvantages of GM diet plan


It helps you lose weight efficiently, around 5 kgs in a week; it also helps you lose extra calories but there is one disadvantage of this diet is that you will experience hair fall, headache and dry skin in first few days and sometimes it does not suit all.