Get Well Yoga: Yoga Asanas To Treat Cervical Pain

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 02, 2019

These days, there are many diseases, which were not counted in the category of any disease till a few years ago, including issues like pain in joints, back, cervical, etc. Cervical has fast become a grave health concern limiting individuals in performing day-to-day activities. Excruciating pain in the neck can give anyone sleepless nights. Talking about India, 1 out of 53 Indian women suffer from cervical, according to a news published in Times Now, and about 17 women die from it.

Wondering what is cervical? The cervical disc absorbs the pain between the bones. Neckbones, ligaments and muscles support the head and maintain normal motion. In such a situation, if there is any abnormality, swelling, or injury, there develops stiffness in the neck, which needs to be rectified with proper care or physiotherapy. In this week's episode on Get Well Yoga, we bring to you some simple yoga asanas to treat cervical pain.

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