Follow These Food Safety Tips By WHO During COVID-19

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 04, 2020

In light of the global pandemic COVID-19, the World Health Organization has laid some guidelines on food safety. Though this infection spreads with direct human contact, one needs to watch out for food safety for extra precautions. Food can also get contaminated and we must not take any risk that can lend us to trouble. In this video, we have mentioned all the food safety guidelines given by WHO that you are to follow. This includes not sharing your food with anyone, careful handling and preparation of food, maintaining hand hygiene while making, delivering and serving food, washing fruits & vegetables properly before cutting, when cooking meat, clean it well and then cook it properly before eating. These are just some of the tips that should be practiced during Coronavirus. It is important that we take all sorts of prevention if we want to keep ourselves and our family safe. WHO spreads awareness regarding this pandemic to help people stay safe.

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