5 home remedies for ear pain

Home RemediesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 17, 2016

Although, pain is always uncomfortable, no pain is pleasant. Be it a back ache, be it a stomach ache, they always cause an uncomfortable sensation but the worst of them all is an ear ache. An ear pain is sharp and can be extremely uncomfortable. Some of the very common causes of an ear pain could be common cold, an ear stuffed with ear wax, an ailment in nasal passage, any physical injury around or inside the ear, sometimes when air pressure is increased inside, our ear aches. Ear aches can happen to anyone regardless of gender or age but still commonly it occurs amongst small children more as common children are at higher risk of catching cold or getting injured in ear. You can find a number of ENT specialists but to get your ear treated by an ENT specialist can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. Instead of spending a fortune to get your ear pain treated from an ENT specialist, you can always try effective home remedies. The things that you will need to treat an ear ache will are easily available in your kitchen. You can take 3 to 4 drops of lukewarm olive oil and use it as an ear drop or you can make use of some mustard oil the same way. The other way to ease the ear pain, take some sesame oil, add some minced garlic, heat it a little and use it as an ear drop after it cools down. You can also extract juice from garlic, and put it in your when you are experiencing pain. Also, you can make use of onion juice and heat it, then put it in your ear after it cools down. Also, you can simple use hot water compressions around the affected ear, it would not heal the prime cause of pain but it will surely reduce the pain.