Episode 2: Tips On Having A Strong Long-Distance Relationship During This Pandemic

DatingBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 12, 2020

Due to the pandemic, many couples are not able to meet each other which mostly causes problems between them even if they are able to see each other, the new normal has not been fair for the love birds even if you talk on video calls for the whole day the void of meeting cannot be fulfilled in general also, long distance relationships are pretty hard to handle you have to take appropriate steps together in order to make a relationship work. The tow people have to rap their heads around the idea of maintaining a long distance relationships. You have to comfort each other in difficult situations even if you are not able to meet. Everything might seem very difficult at first but is not impossible.

Tips to maintain a long distance relationship:

1. Communication

Not just in long distance communication plays a very important role in every relationship. Miss communication can lead to a lot of serious relationship problems. It is not necessary to talk every hour every day, but you can communicate according to how its comfortable for both of you.

2. Talking and sharing

Talking and sharing is a key for a successful relationship. It is not mandatory to tell every little detail about your life to your partner but sharing things can help you in coming closer to each other. However, avoid over sharing and keep everything balanced as it can be pretty intrusive.

3. Give reassurance

It might not feel essential for some people but for a few individuals reassurance in a relationship is the main principle. Telling the other person that you care for them, you love them and they are important for you can mean a lot. Giving reassurance can save your relationship from many fights and damage.

4. Try to do things together

You shouldn't always go for things that bring conflicts between the both of you. Try adjusting and making comprises for each other. Do the things that share common interest like reading, watching a movie, etc.

5. Push each other

To increase your connection and involvement in the relationship, the two people have to push each other towards growth. Instead of pulling down each other and trying to change, try motivating and encouraging to boost career and other individual life goals.

6. Plan for the future

It's very important to talk about the relationship's future. Conversations about and how serious you are and how are you going to function in the future can also give a kind of comfort and love to your partner. It shows how much you care and think about them.

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