8 Things guys do when alone at home

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 27, 2016

8 Things guys do when alone at home

Guys are hardly home, either they are out with their friends or partying with their friends or on a date with their girlfriend. However, if they somehow end up alone at home, what do they do? What is it that they do to keep themselves occupied with, how do they entertain themselves. When it comes to girls, they cook, dance, they give themselves a beauty treatment and if nothing, they call someone up and talk to them and talking for a girl is not a difficult task. Now, when we are talking about guys, what do they do when they are alone at home?

Here is a list of things that guys do when they are home alone.


New hairstyles

Guys try out new hairstyles. They do not cut their hair, just play around with new hairstyles with hair gels.



At times, guys search porn with weirdest searching terms ever. They explore the vast realm of porn.


The savior

They fantasize of saving someone from a distressing situation. In that particular moment, they fantasize of becoming a superhero.


The naked runner

They dance around the house with no clothes on because this is their only chance to free themselves from every piece of clothing.


The prettification

They try out their sisters’ makeup and cosmetic to get pretty, though nothing much changes.


They smell themselves

They smell their armpits and their dirty clothes, only god knows why.


They fart

They fart out loud because this is their only chance to let it all out without any embarrassment.


The selfie riot

They take mirror selfies while they try their best to flex their bodies.