Diet for obese kids

ObesityBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 27, 2016

Kids these days are majorly inclined towards junk foods such as pizzas, noodles, aerated, burgers, fries and everything unhealthy. Of course, kids would not find broccoli very tasty or carrots very appealing while a pizza will look more appetizing. The increased rate of obesity in kids these days is majorly a contribution of unhealthy diet, which includes junk food like burgers, pizzas, noodles and fizzy drinks. Basically, kids eat what their taste buds allow them to eat. If something is not tasty, the kids won’t eat it and for kids, taste of pizza is far much better than the taste of broccoli or any other vegetable.


It is really sad to see kids suffering growing obese. This obesity can land them in number of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and other non communicable diseases at an early stage of life. Yes, genes could be blamed for this obesity but the fact also cannot be ignored that modern lifestyle can be a cause of increased obesity in kids, where today kids consume extremely unhealthy diet. Dietician, MediSkool Health Services doctor Priti Nanda Sibbal, MediSkool can help you balance the diet of obese kids. They can help the kids have a balanced diet, they can turn their pizzas into a healthy meal, manage the portion size of the meal kids have every day. They can also give you tips and recipes for meals.