Diabetes & COVID-19: Are People With Diabetes More Prone? Let’s Find Out

DiabetesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

Anyone can get affected by coronavirus but  higher complications are to those who are already suffering from any disease. Diabetes is one of those diseases. Recently CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejariwal observed the symptoms of coronavirus and according to Sanjay Singh, a party member, mentioned how he suffers from diabetes. The Central For Disease Control and prevention (CDC) has also supported this fact that people with diabetes are more prone to get affected by dangerous diseases . But the question is why? According to experts, people suffering from uncontrolled diabetes have a low immunity, leading to easier and quicker They also say if people properly take care of their diabetes levels, then they have comparatively lesser chances of getting affected. 

Uncontrolled diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and renal  disease are dangerous risk factors, which could make COVID-19 near fatal for people. According to doctors, patients should have a good control over their sugar level, one should consult their doctor and ask them to include foods that could help boost immunity. Also, it is advised for patients to take care of their overall health and limit their interaction with people as much as possible. 

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