How Are COVID-19 Symptoms Different From Dengue, Malaria And Flu? Learn From Expert

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 25, 2020

With the arrival of monsoon, diseases like dengue, malaria and cholera also increase. This time there is also a COVID-19 epidemic. A challenge in these conditions is to identify fever and identify diseases based on which the symptoms are the same. How do you know if someone has COVID or dengue? Dengue can cause cough. This can happen when fluid accumulates around the lungs. It can cause breathlessness. Rashes are a new symptom of COVID-19, although they are more common in dengue. Recently, cold has also been added as a symptom of COVID-19. The identification of fever in India has always been a challenge due to five diseases that are caused by 'acute undifferentiated fever'. These are malaria, dengue fever, scrub typhus, typhoid fever and leptospirosis occurring between June and September. The health system has a limited capacity to deal with these fevers. This year, COVID-19 is associated with fever syndrome; it will become even more difficult to differentiate these diseases. If you have any signs of novel coronavirus or other fever symptoms, call your nearest healthcare provider and take precautions at home.

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