Coronavirus Prevention: How To Wash Your Hands In 6 Simple Steps

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 11, 2020

More than a million cases have been reported all across the country. The most crucial step to help protect yourself from coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. WHO has six steps of proper hygiene, as explained in this video:

STEP: Take either soap and water or an adequate amount of sanitizer and rub it in your palms

STEP: Rub it around the back of both hands with palms of each hand

STEP: Take care of the bugs inside our finger webs by interlocking with the fingers

STEP: Interlock the hands by rubbing with the back of fingers to opposing palms

STEP: Don’t avoid the thumb, rub the base of the thumbs in a rotational movement

STEP: Rub the tips of the nails in the opposite palm in a circular motion, make sure your nails are trimmed

In the case of soap and water, use running tap water. People are often confused, which is more effective- soap and water or hand sanitizer? No doubt, soap, and water are always preferred but do dry your hands after washing as it can contaminate the surface. Use soap over a sanitser.

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