Coronavirus India Update: Is Human To Animal COVID-19 Transmission Possible?

LatestBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 13, 2020

Amidst the measures being taken to prevent the coronavirus, a piece of new information has emerged which can cause trouble for the people. In fact, in a new guideline issued by the government, it has been said that in the areas where the infection of COVID-19 is spread, any bird or animal-like monkey, the dog can also be affected by it. Therefore, the fence should be put in infected areas so that animals especially dogs and monkeys do not come. It has also been said that if possible, sparrows should also be prevented. According to the guidelines, it is being evaluated how the infection can be spread by the affected person. Since then, the question has also arisen that it has become very important to be vigilant in the houses which have pets and also in their homes. However, so far no concrete evidence has come to the fore whether the infection of this disease from animals is human or not. But there are cases of an outbreak of this disease from humans to animals. At the moment, people who keep a dog, cat or any other animal in the house need to be cautious and it has to be seen whether they are eating anything outside. Also, special caution has to be taken regarding sparrows.

Also, clear instructions have been given that trained security should be deployed in the building which is being used as an isolation centre so that the movement of any outside person, animals etc. can be stopped inside the building. It has also been said that even food items should not be thrown around in the building premises, because eating it can spread the infection to sparrows too. At the same time, all the medical staff working here have been ordered to use PPE kits as well.

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