Coronavirus Crisis: Why Yoga Is Important During The Lockdown?

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 09, 2020

Coronavirus crisis: Yoga during lockdown can prove beneficial for you. This is not only in India, but now a country like America has started accepting it. According to experts, due to the implemented lockdown (due to coronavirus infection), yoga may prove beneficial for people living in homes as it helps to increase immunity. Most people believe that yoga is only related to postures which is not right. The major part of yoga is meditation and breathing techniques which reduce stress.

Prime Minister Modi has also advised yoga to Indians

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared animated videos of yoga from his Twitter account. He recommended doing yoga to stay fit during lockdowns. During the Mann Ki Baat program, when a person asked him the question on fitness (how to maintain fitness), the Prime Minister told the secret of his fitness, that is 'yoga'. Due to the Coronavirus, there is a lockdown in many countries, including the US and India. In such a situation, keeping yourself fit is a big challenge. Here's how yoga can be an accurate way of staying fit at home.

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