Cheap and best ways to stay fit

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 17, 2016

Hitting a gym may cause a drill in your pocket but it certainly does not mean that there are no other ways to stay fit where you don’t have to spend even a dime.  There are several cheap and best ways that can help you become a fitness freak from a self confessed couch potato. Here we present some cheap and best ways to stay fit. It has often been observed that most people don’t take pleasure in the idea of doing household work, but what if we tell you that house chores like dusting and mopping are actually good for you. Yes, that’s right, for someone who does not have time to hit the gym or attend pilates classes, household work could be of great help in staying fit and active. Your mobile phone can help you find another cheap and best to way to stay fit. Wondering how? There are numerous fitness apps available; some of which you can download for free, that help you track down calorie intake and exercise. Download different fitness apps and use them for your daily workout. Getting outside of your house can also benefit you a lot, as trees, open spaces and branches can all act as an excellent natural keep-fit kit. All of us use youtube to watch our favourite shows, songs and interviews etc, but how many of us use it keep ourselves fit? Youtube is filled with free exercise programmes including aerobics and yoga, aerobics. Walking is a great way to get in shape, not to mention, that it does not cost you a penny, it’s simple to do and does not either require any equipment or gym space. Walking part of the way to work can all add up to improving your fitness levels without spending a penny.