Causes Of Anemia: When Should One Seek Medical Advice?

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 15, 2021

Causes of anaemia: Anaemia is a common but serious problem. Despite campaigning at the government level, the figures related to this bother. Around 2 billion people worldwide are victims of it, of which more than half is due to iron deficiency. Anaemia is deficient in the body, which causes many diseases. However, it can be cured entirely by paying attention to lifestyle and food. Anaemia means lack of blood in the body. The haemoglobin in our body indicates the amount of blood. The amount of haemoglobin should be 12 to 16 per cent in men and between 11 and 14 in women. Anaemia occurs when the rate of elimination of red particles or cells in the body's blood exceeds their formation rate.

Anemia Symptoms 

Anaemia is not a disease, but there is a symptom, which can have many reasons. It is not usually considered a serious problem. Talking about its symptoms, fatigue, weakness, yellowing of the skin, abnormal heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain, cold extremities, headache, etc. are symptoms of anaemia: fainting, breathlessness, swelling of face and feet. This is why people who are seen healthy from outside also see a lack of it. It is believed that girls and pregnant women are victims of anaemia. Although this percentage is higher among them, there are many victims among children and men as well.

Treatment for anaemia 

If parasitic insects cause anaemia, it is necessary to treat them first. It is essential to consume things rich in iron. Eat foods containing vitamins 'A' and 'C'. Avoid consuming tea after meals, as tea destroys the essential nutrients from the food. Do not drink too much coffee and black tea. To avoid this infection, use clean water only. Use a clean toilet.

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