Causes for the pain in your heels

PainBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 19, 2016

Many a time wearing a wrong pair of shoe or walking the wrong way can wreck havoc on your feet. The pain in heels can start from a very mild point and turn severe, if you do not take care of them at the right time. Pain in heels might sound a very common problem and actually it is a very common problem but the fact cannot be ignored that overlooking this pain can turn severe and in turn, it can make walking and other tasks that require you to use heels, difficult or maybe impossible. Heels are an integral part of our body and they require right care too. Now, heel pain is very common, you might have heard doctors saying that there is a heel spur or in a medical term they would call it a calcaneal spur or planterphasitis, all of these terminologies are same and are used for heel pain but planterphasitis is an inflammation in one of the heel bones, where the ligaments are attached and planter is affected. Now, what are the causes of calcaneal spur, heel pain or planterphasitis? There could be many reasons but the prime reason that has been diagnosed in most of the cases is wrong selection of shoes. Yes, wearing right shoe is important to prevent heel pain. There are people who wear completely flat shoes, people must understand that wearing flat shoes is not right and you should always wear heels with at least 1 inch of height but not less than 1 cm. Then there are people that wear shoes that have no cushions in them. Now, while choosing the right shoe, you must always go for a shoe that has enough space, so that your feet get to breath. Now, there are people who don’t wear shoes at all. When walking on a rocky or uneven surface, people must wear shoes, always.


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