Can You Mix Covid Vaccines?

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 08, 2021

For the past many days, the debate about whether or not to mix two Covid vaccines has been on. In this video we will learn if experts recommend mixing of two vaccines or not. It may happen that while you took Covaxin for your first dose, when the time came for taking the second dose, it ran out of stock. So can you take Covishield in your second dose?

So Can We Really Mix Vaccine?

The answer is ‘No’. We will tell you why.

Everyone from govt officials to doctors will tell you that it s not advisable to mix vaccines because we do not know how our body's immune system will react to mixing the vaccines, as there haven’t been enough studies regarding the same

In India the two vaccines that have got approval are - Covaxin and Covishield. In the trials of these vaccines, volunteers were given two doses of the same vaccine and they were found safe and effective to protect against the virus. However, there hasn’t been any trial that tests the effectiveness and safety of mixing two vaccines in India.

Although in some other countries, research is on regarding mixing two vaccines but so far there is no sufficient data to support mixing of two vaccines for Covid protection.

What If You Get Positive After Second Dose?

If you get positive a day after taking second dose then you do not need to take the dose again.  Your body will start building immunity only after two weeks of getting the vaccine.

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