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Best summer foods for weight loss

Onlymyhealth Editorial Team, Date:2016-07-06

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Summers are the ideal times to lose weight as during summers, mostly the appetite is not that stable. Yes, you yourself may have noticing that your appetite is not that great as compared to other seasons. You eat just fine during winters and may be a bit more and thus gain more weight in winters while in summers most likely to lose your appetite and lose weight. Usually people on their quest to lose pounds find summers the apt season to lose weight. Now, losing weight by starving isn’t healthy at all. Yes, college girls and women in fashion industry wish to have a certain weight and starving or avoiding eating is a technique that they take up to lose weight. However, not eating anything is not a very healthy method of losing weight. Not eating anything or starving can sometimes lead to severe health conditions such as malnutrition, anemia, pellagra and other diseases but many a time, trying to lose weight with starvation can cause lethal health problems as well. Therefore, it is better to eat and lose weight. Yes, you can eat and still lose weight with some summer foods that can help you lose weight in summers. Foods such as strawberry, blueberry, squash, bell peppers, plum, and mango are some of the foods that induce weight loss. One thing common in these foods is their fiber content that makes you feel full for longer period and help you lose weight. Apart from fiber, these foods have their share of vitamins, calories, and other nutrients that allow you to lose weight while supplying the required amount of nutrition. If you feel bored with all the fruits, you can try something different, like bison meat, which is high on iron and omega 3 fats and a bison burger can help you stay full for hours.
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