Animal movements fitness gorilla walk

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 21, 2016

Although we are the most evolved species on earth, we are humans and we are confined to bipedal movement. We can move only with two feet while the less evolved species, animals can walk on four legs like monkeys, gorillas, dogs, foxes and other animals have the ability to walk on fore and hind legs. Now, we can walk upright and it only gives us the advantage of height while the animals can walk, swim, jump and run faster than us. And they are not just bounded to walk on four legs; they can easily multitask by getting on their hind legs and eating leaves from tall trees.


So, what can we do to compensate our human shortcomings? We can practice animal movements. The animal movements exercise has one gorilla walk exercise, where you walk on your knuckles. This gorilla walk can help you gain strength in your forelimbs and overall body.