Amazing health benefits of oats

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 23, 2016

Fat bellies, a not-so-healthy heart and an overall deteriorating health are the gifts of this modern lifestyle. People start their day unhealthy and give their day an even unhealthier ending. Usually what happens is that people get up and rush to work, without breakfasts, which is an unhealthy start to the day, and then they continuously work for eight to nine hours straight without a proper meal. Indeed they are dependent on junk food that includes burgers, noodles and pizzas and etc. Although oats is not considered as a very tasty thing but just because it has a number of health benefits, whichis why people prefer to eat it. Having oats in breakfast is almost ritualistic. People trying to stay healthy and stay fit; usually prefer having oats in breakfast as it helps you keep full for longer period of time. Eating oats can keep your heart healthy and avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases, owing to the antioxidants present in oats. The dietary fibers help lower the cholesterol. It eradicates the bad cholesterol from the body without affecting the good cholesterol. If you are suffering from constipations, it can help you cure it too. Being a rich source of dietary fibers, oats can be great for regulation of good bowel movements and thus prevents constipations. It can also control the sugar level in your body, instantly benefitting the diabetic patients. Yes, it helps stabilizing the blood sugar level and helps reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. The complex carbohydrates in oats slow down the conversion of sugar while the beta-glucan slows down the fluctuation of sugar level in body after meals. Oats can also reduce hypertension. Daily just one bowl of oats can be very beneficial for high blood pressure patients as it fight against this problem.