How To Adopt A Child Who Lost Both The Parents During Pandemic

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2021

Many children lost one or both their parents during the second wave of pandemic or were left in distress after the death of one parent with second one battling for life in hospital. Such cases were especially seen during second wave of Covid-19. If you come to know about the plight of any such child through social media or otherwise, here's what you should do. It is important to understand that children are in a very vulnerable position in such situation and one must keep in mind their emotions and at the same time be careful about not putting them at any risk unknowingly.

Avoid Making These Mistake. Know All About Juveline Laws And Rights

Never post a child's photograph or personal details like phone number, address in any public or social media platform be it Whatsapp or Facebook. This is against the law and puts the child at grave risk.

Just because a child has lost parents due to Covid-19, it does not mean he/she becomes eligible for adoption by default. In India, there is a lawful way of adopting children and one must follow the required procedures and formalities.

What To Do In Such Cases

  • Take care of the child and be around him/her emotionally. 
  • You can take care of their meals.
  • You can inform their relative and other family members.
  • You are advised to call the National Child helpline number 1098 or call National Protection For Child Rights at 1800-121-2830. 

If you are not able to reach the helpline number, you can also call your nearest police station to give information about the child so that they can be helped by govt or NGOs.

The Right Way For Adoption

You can apply to CARA for adoption after which your background will be checked. After waiting for some time you may or may not get the permission to adopt.

If you know the child or their family from before, you can take care of the child but before that you must call helpline or inform police.

While the formalities are in process you can apply to CARA for foster care certificate and the child can stay temporarily with you.

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