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Wacky world records that will make you puke

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 12, 2015
You won’t believe to what level people can go to get their names on the famous World Record books.
  • 1

    Longest dump

    Can you believe that a man actually excreted 12 feet and 2 inches of poop? It took him more than 2 hours to expel what was later classified as the longest dump ever taken. Name of the record holder of this weird feat has never been revealed to public.

    Longest dump
  • 2

    Longest fart

    We all fart but never admit or talk about it. Bernard Clemmens of England registered his name for entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest fart that lasted nearly 3 minutes.

    Longest fart
  • 3

    Zit-popping feat

    It is difficult to resist the urge to squeeze pus out of a zit on your face. Carl Chadwick of England has taken zit popping to a completely different level. He is known for the biggest pimple ever popped, sending pus 7’1” forward from where he stood.

    Zit-popping feat
  • 4

    Loudest burp

    America's Jodie Parks is credited for the loudest burp from a female. Her burp was recorded to be at 104.75 decibel on a calibrated class 1 precision measuring noise level meter.

    Loudest burp
  • 5

    Largest pile of fingernails and toenails

    A California man holds the record of having the largest pile of his discarded fingernails and toe nails. His "scratchers" measured 15.20 centimeters in height.

    Largest pile of fingernails and toenails
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