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Try these natural toothpicks for better oral health

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 29, 2015
Love to pick your teeth with anything, but a medically approved toothpick? Here are some of the natural toothpicks you can use without any worry.
  • 1

    Curry leaf stem

    Curry leaves are a common seasoning ingredient used to enhance taste and flavour, but did you know that the curry leaf stem can also be used as a toothpick? All you have to do is pluck the leaves off from the stem of the curry leaves plant and soak the stem in a jar of raw honey. After a day or two, your natural toothpick is ready to use and  you can then remove tartar and food particles from your teeth without affecting them. Image source: Getty

    Curry leaf stem
  • 2

    Neem leaf stem

    What can be better than neem leaf stem to cleanse your teeth? Neem is known for its medicinal properties and hence, chewing on a leaf stem helps you get rid of bad breath and gum bleeding. Image Source:

    Neem leaf stem
  • 3

    Tea tree stem

    To use tea tree stem as a toothpick, gently take out the flowers from the stem. You can now use the bark to remove food particles that are stuck between your teeth. Image source:

    Tea tree stem
  • 4

    Cinnamon stem

    Another natural toothpick you can rely on to pick your teeth is cinnamon stem. Cinnamon has ingredients that can effectively heal gums when you pick your teeth using one. Image source:

    Cinnamon stem
  • 5

    Lime tree stem

    Using lime tree stem to remove food particles between your teeth is a healthy option as it not only prevents but also heals bad breath over a period of time. Image source:

    Lime tree stem
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