Top advantages of using lemon water

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 05, 2015
Health benefits of lemon have been well known for centuries. Lemon has many important substances including citric acid, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, limonene and pectin.
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    Helps in Digestion

    Consuming lemon water can flush out unwanted toxins and has an atomic composition, which is similar to saliva and hydrochloric acid of the digestive system. Lemon being eminent in vitamins and minerals helps you relieve indigestion and also remove toxins from the digestive tract.

    Helps in Digestion
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    Acts as a diuretic and cleanses the system

    Consuming lemon water can facilitate increased urination, helping you release toxins at a faster rate. Citric acid present in lemon water helps in maximizing enzyme functions that kindles the liver and detoxifies the body.

    Acts as a diuretic and cleanses the system
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    Improves immune system

    By being rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in combating cold and the presence of potassium in it also stimulates nerve function. Ascorbic acid present in lemon aids in anti-inflammatory functions and helps in treating asthma or other respiratory issues.

    Improves immune system
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    It hydrates your lymph system

    Lime water helps in supporting the immune system and hydrates or replaces the fluid lost in the body. At times, when your body badly needs water, you feel tired, lack in energy, feel stressed and lack mental clarity. So, having lemon water helps in refreshing the body.

    It hydrates your lymph system
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    Helps in weight loss

    If you want to lose weight, then having a glass of warm lemon water with honey makes you shed weight fast. Lemon’s pectin fiber keeps you full for longer, preventing you from craving for more food.

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    Helps in weight loss
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