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Things your hand says about your health

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 21, 2015
Each one of us must pay attention to our hands because it can give vital clues about our health. Here’s how palm describes your health condition.
  • 1

    Reddened palms

    Hands can tell if your liver is working fine or not. Reddening of the palms is one of the signs of liver cirrhosis. The reddening is usually found at the outer edge of the palm, near the little finger.

    Reddened palms
  • 2

    Sweaty palms

    The thyroid hormone controls body's metabolism and the rate at which it produces energy. When thyroid is overactive, the body generates more heat to make one feel hot and sweaty all the time.

    Sweaty palms
  • 3

    Spoon nails

    Nails with a dip in the middle, also known as koilonychias, are indicative of iron deficiency. The deficiency of iron weakens the nail and makes it thinner until it partially collapses.

    Spoon nails
  • 4

    Nail clubbing

    Dome-shaped finger tips or nail clubbing is a warning sign of serious medical condition. It is linked to diseases such as lung cancer, TB or mesothelioma, a deadly lung disease linked to asbestos.

    Nail clubbing
  • 5

    Blue fingernails

    Pink fingernails mean a healthy circulation of blood. If the colour of nails turns blue, it suggests that the body is running low on oxygen. When there is less oxygen in blood, the risk of heart disease increases.


    Blue fingernails
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