Things no one tells you about starting yoga

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 20, 2015
Yoga is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has origins in India. While everyone tells you to do yoga, no one tells you about these things that come with starting it.
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    The meaning of yoga

    Yoga is a Sanskrit word, meaning "to add, to join or to unite" in literal sense. Yoga helps to unite the body, mind and spirit. To most people who are new to yoga, it may seem unncessary to find out if the rules most yoga experts recommend are worth their time or not. So, we have helped you simplify your yoga experience by revealing to you what most people will not.

    The meaning of yoga
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    You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga

    "You can do yoga only if you are flexible" is a myth. Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of weight, shape of the body, gender or age group. Even those who think they are not flexible have endless options in yoga. Flexibility of mind (willingness) is all that is needed.

    You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga
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    It seems easy but it is not

    Yoga is more than ‘just sit and breathe’. If you think your yoga poses are easy, ask your yoga teacher to help you with some challenging asanas. You will not be able to do everything for sure, but that is ok!

    It seems easy but it is not
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    You will always be a student of yoga

    There is no ‘Master’ level when it comes to yoga. Those who have been practicing yoga for many years too have more to learn and discover. There is always a higher consciousness level to look up to.

    You will always be a student of yoga
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    You just might fall in love with it

    Yoga can make a great difference to your life. It clears your mind and also improves physical fitness. You will love yoga because it will give you a better control over your body and mind. However, you might also fall out of love with it as the asanas get more difficult.

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    You just might fall in love with it
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