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These reasons will make you include a bowl of dalia every day in your diet

By: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 30, 2017
Amidst the hectic lifestyle most of us lead, it becomes all the more important to eat healthy. The beauty of eating healthy even when you’re busy as hell is that you can do that just by including a bowl of dalia everyday in your diet. Here some mind blowing benefits of dalia you didn’t know about.
  • 1

    Helps in building muscles

    Being a rich of source of vitamins and protein, dalia is a wholesome meal that helps you in building.

    Helps in building muscles
  • 2

    Helps in weight loss

    Dalia is loaded with fibre that keeps you full for longer and prevent you from indulging in over-eating.  If losing weight is what you seek, make sure you eat a bowl of dalia everyday as your morning meal. It will not only provide you the essential nutrients your body needs but will keep you energetic throughout the day.

    Helps in weight loss
  • 3

    Helps manage blood sugar levels

    Consumption of dalia is good for people who have diabetes because this super-food has low glycemic index and complex carbohydrates that ensure a slow and steady release of glucose into the blood which in return keeps your blood sugar levels under control.

    Helps manage blood sugar levels
  • 4

    Boosts metabolism

    Regular consumption of dalia also improves your metabolism by enhancing the metabolism rate.

    Boosts metabolism
  • 5

    Works as a laxative

    As mentioned above, dalia has a good content of fibre thus, it also aids digestion and prevents constipation. Image source : Shutterstock

    Works as a laxative
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