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Reasons why you feel super hungry between meals

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 05, 2016
Feeling hungry is actually a good thing. Hunger makes everything taste better, and food is digested well as your digestive system is prepped and ready, when you are feeling hungry. But hunger pangs which hit too often are a sign that something is wrong. Read on to find out which of your eating habits are making you feel hungry all the time.
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    Not eating enough

    One of the simplest reasons that you feel hungry between meals is that you are not eating enough. You should consume approx.1, 200 calories in a day. Sometimes the calorie intake may change based on physical work or disease condition, if any.  The best way is to divide it into parts. It is recommended that you should consume more calories at breakfast and dinner. So, keeping this mind, you could go for 400 calories at breakfast, 300 calories at lunch and 500 calories at dinner.

     Not eating enough
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    Eating too much junk

    All of us are guilty of this, aren’t we?  Junk foods are surely yummy, but they are not healthy. Junk food doesn’t keep you full for long because the simple carbs found in them don’t stay with you long enough to keep the hunger away. It’s okay to eat junk foods now and then, but replacing a meal with junk food is not a good idea.

    Eating too much junk
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    Not consuming enough protein

    Protein is crucial for our body because it provides your body the required strength it needs to function properly. Besides, it keeps you full for long so you don’t have to snack constantly in between the meals. Therefore, it is important that you include foods rich in protein such as eggs; cheese and peanut butter during every meal.

    Not consuming enough protein
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    You eat on the run

    Sometimes you have to eat on the run because you’re running late. But you are not alone, and this has happened with most of us. But it does not mean you should not try to avoid it if possible. Take your time to sit down and enjoy your food as it will help you break the snack habit in between meals. We bet it will make a lot of difference.

    You eat on the run
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    You eat mindlessly

    You got something to eat while working on your laptop and then you suddenly realize it’s gone? What? You don’t remember eating it? That’s the feeling of disappointment when you realize you failed to pay attention to your food, hence, did not really enjoy it as much as you wanted to.  This is what mindless eating does to you. Besides, it makes you feel hungry quickly again. Therefore, try giving attention to your food not only to avoid mindless eating but also to keep those hunger pangs between the meals at bay. Image Source: Getty

    You eat mindlessly
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