How to Reduce Chances of HIV through Sex

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 29, 2012
The world around you is getting prepared to remove the trace of HIV/AIDS from our midst, it is only right to learn how to reduce the risk of this deadly disease. On the occasion of World AIDS’ Day, we have some ways in which you can reduce the possibility of AIDS from your life. You have high chances of getting HIV if you have unprotected sex with an HIV-positive person. By “Unprotected Sex" we mean sex (anal, oral, or vaginal) without barrier protection, like a condom. Look at some of the ways in which you can reduce your risk of getting HIV through sexual contact:
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    Don't have Sex

    Sex that is anal, oral, or vaginal is the main way of getting affected by HIV. The simple fact is that if you are not having sexual contact then you are 100% protected from getting HIV in that way. Abstaining from sexual intercourse is the best that you can do to keep yourself safe.

    Don't have Sex
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    Be Monogamous

    Another way in which you can steer away from HIV is to practice monogamy which means that you are in a sexual relationship with only one person and that both of you are only having sex with each other. This is a good way of reducing your chances of getting HIV by choosing only one sex partner. However, you must be sure that both you and your partner are not infected.

    Be Monogamous
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    Get tested and Find out about Your Partner

    By knowing your own and your partner’s HIV status will help you and your partner a lot, as it is important for both of your health. It can get difficult to talk about it, but it’s important for the sake of your life! Get tested now.

    Get tested and Find out about Your Partner
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    Use Condoms the Right Way

    In order to reduce your risk of getting HIV or other STDs, the most important thing to do is to use condoms while in that cat of sexual intercourse. You must be careful to see that the condom you are using is new, and of good quality, and never forget to use a new condom with every act of oral, or vaginal sex. You must also make sure to use condoms correctly, in order to keep them from slipping off or breaking.

    Use Condoms the Right Way
  • 5

    Safer Sex Activities

    Certain sexual activities do not carry any risk of HIV transmission, such as non-sexual message, casual or dry kissing, masturbation while making sure to avoid your partner’s body fluids, and frottage, also known as dry humping or body to body rub.

    Safer Sex Activities
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