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Home remedies to treat constipation during pregnancy

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 26, 2016
Wondering how to get rid of constipation during pregnancy? Learn how to get quick relief with the help of natural remedies.
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    Constipation during pregnancy

    Although constipation is a common problem but it often turns into a nightmare for pregnant women. If you are pregnant and have been experiencing the same trouble, you are not alone. The increase in the hormones and pressure of the womb against the bowels can really make the problem worse. You will easily get number of over-the-counter medicines to treat constipation but since you are pregnant it is better that you seek relief from natural methods rather than relying on over-the-counter drugs as they can harm the developing foetus. Here are some home remedies that will support your digestive health during pregnancy, thereby, provide you relief from the trouble of constipation.

    Constipation during pregnancy
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    Include high fiber rich foods

    We all know the importance of fiber in our diet but it becomes even more crucial to include insoluble fiber in your diet when you are pregnant. The insoluble fiber helps in moving undigested food through the digestive tract keeping constipation at bay. Go for flax seeds, almonds and fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content. In case morning sickness does not allow you to have enough of these sources, you can try taking psyllium tablets or eat a bowl of organic oat bran with some strawberries.

     Include high fiber rich foods
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    Lemon juice

    If you prefer a drink to support your digestion you can try lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon's juice into a glass of lukewarm water and consume it first thing in the morning to boost your bowel movement. Avoid eating anything before your drink your glass of lemon juice for best results.


    Lemon juice
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    Magnesium supplements to the rescue

    Another effective home remedy that will help you ease the constipation is magnesium supplements. Yes, taking high dose of magnesium is not only safe but it is also very helpful in stimulating bowel movement thereby providing quick relief from constipation.

    Magnesium supplements to the rescue
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    Sip on chamomile tea

    Want to get rid of that constipation problem with something warm to drink? Drink chamomile tea as it is a great way to relax your intestinal tract. It soothes your frazzled nerves and helps cure insomnia. All you have to do is drink 2 cups of chamomile tea in a day. It is recommended to limit the intake to just 2 cups a day as too much of it may put you at risk of miscarriage. However, there is no scientific proof for the same. Image source: Getty

    Sip on chamomile tea
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