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5 Ways you can light up someone’s life this Diwali

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 06, 2015
Diwali is all about spreading happiness and celebrating good deeds. Try to fill someone’s life with joy this Diwali with some small, but meaningful gifts.
  • 1

    Lit light with books

    Gift books and resources to someone who may use some help with their education due to lack of options and resources. Education is the best gift you can give to anyone, especially on an occasion as precious as Diwali.

    Lit light with books
  • 2

    Few crackers and sweets can do a lot

    If you have underprivileged children around your house or work location who can't afford sweets and crackers even on Diwali, get some extra crackers and sweets for them. It will cheer them up and make their Diwali a really happy Diwali without much effort.

    Few crackers and sweets can do a lot
  • 3

    Spend quality time

    If you have been having issues in your relationship with someone dear to you, make amends and spend quality time with them this Diwali. It will help you make a new start and make their life a lot joyous with your presence.

    Spend quality time
  • 4

    Gift them what they want

    If you know about some long time wishes of your family members, try to fulfil them this Diwali. Be it the next 220cc bike or the i7 led latest laptop, let them feel the joy of getting what's most desirable to them.

    Gift them what they want
  • 5

    Gift them another chance

    If you have been avoiding someone since ages for they did something which was unacceptable to you, but you also feel their absence, try to forgive them. Gift them another chance this Diwali to make-up for whatever they had done and to be a part of your life the way they used to be. Image source: Getty

    Gift them another chance
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