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5 Amazing defenses that nature has given us but we don’t appreciate them

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 10, 2016
Nature has given us some amazing defenses but we don't appreciate them. Here is a list of some awesome gifts of nature that always work in your favour.
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    Psychologists from Cambridge University have suggested that blushing has evolved as a tool of communication and social interaction. If someone is blushing it indicates that the person is either happy or embarrassed.  Try making someone blush today!

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    Nobody enjoys watching someone snot right in front of them, there is no doubt about it. But researchers believe that it is actually good to let go the ingenious traps of nature. When you snot, you prevent nasty germs from getting into your lungs, where they could do a lot more damage that you can imagine. So, go and snot it out!

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    As you may know, mucus acts as a barrier against viruses that enter your bodies through airways. Sneezing helps you kick all the germs out. Have you ever noticed that we not only sneeze when we have cold but also when our body is combating with allergens.  That’s true, sneezing is one of the best defense mechanism that nature has bestowed upon us.

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    Sweating makes us smell bad and we surely don’t like it. But do you know how significant role it plays  in averting heat stroke on hot summer days by making you cool. According to the journal of Applied Physiology, there are around 2 millions sweat glands in a human body.

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    Tears come rolling down the cheeks even if you try to hold them, that’s the thing with the tears. We shed tears when are emotionally or physically hurt. But, there is something good about them, according to the experts, they not only provide moisture to your eyeballs but also send signals to our dear ones that we are hurt. All of us have used this tool innumerable times, since our childhood, to communicate our feelings. Image Source: Getty

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