Do you have stinky feet? You might have athlete’s foot.

By: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 14, 2017
We often overlook the odours coming from our body parts, thinking that brushing and bathing is enough to take care of it but little do we know that such bad odours can be a cause of something severe. Read on to know more.
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    Worry when you smell

    When your poop is smelly, know that it is not always normal to have smelly poop or you must take the smelly urine in consideration. It is understandable that your feet might stick after a workout session in gym but sometimes it can be something serious. So, it is better to take care when people are complaining about stench coming from you instead of getting embarrassed.

    Worry when you smell
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    That bad breath of yours

    If you think your morning breath has not left your mouth even after you have brushed your teeth, you might be suffering sleep apnea. Yes, sleep apnea causes you to breathe irregularly while you sleep. Now, when you are mostly breathing from your mouth throughout the night, you are making your mouth dry causing bad breath.

    That bad breath of yours
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    The stinky feet

    It is only normal to get super sweaty feet after a workout session but even a warm water dip is not helping you out with the stench, this might be the right time to seek a doctor’s help. Usually a swipe of a deodorant or a simple wash can help you get rid of the odour but when nothing is helping you out and your feet seem to stink most of times, you should have medical attention.

    The stinky feet
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    A fruity breath

    Your body breaks down fatty acids to create fuel, energy to function properly. Now, this builds up acidic chemicals known as ketones in your blood. This whole process leaves a fruity smell in your breath.

    Building up ketones is known as Diabetic ketoacidosis. So, if you have a fruity smell in your breath, it could be because of diabetes.

    A fruity breath
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    The smelly poop

    Yes, poop is smelly most of the times but when the smell is way too bad and you are also suffering from bloating, you might be lactose intolerant. So wat happens is that your small intestine is unable to digest lactose, a sugar found in dairy items. So, it sends the lactose to the colon instead of bloodstream, where it gets fermented by bacteria, causing you to have foul-smelling poop. You also experiment slight bloating and smelly gas.


    The smelly poop
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