Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Children

By:, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 31, 2012
Children should spend more time playing outside than in TV rooms or gaming parlours. Outdoor games help children in developing physical stregth and interaction enables them hone their social skills.
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    Language Skills

    Playground for your child is the best ‘babysitter’ when compared to an idiot box. Outdoor play involves comunication and simple games can certainly help your child communicate in context and learn new words. The learning part is not a concious attempt, but you're advised to watch for any foul words being exchanged in the field.

    Language Skills
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    Nurtures Imagination

    Anything can spur your child's make-belief world. He’ll assume various roles right from being a superhero to a thief to a police officer with ease. It’ll help him in getting acquainted with a variety of settings and outcomes. Let him step out and enjoy with his peers, after all no bird has ever liked it in the cage.

    Nurtures Imagination
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    Play Sparks Physical Development

    Motor skills such as running, throwing, and pedaling (among host of other such physical activities) will help give your child a sense of independence and authority.

    Play Sparks Physical Development
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    Boosts Social Skills

    While having fun with his peers your kid will learn to discuss, work together and master his social skills. Help your child to set play groups with his friends and learn the art of sharing and caring. Don't be startled if they pick up a few bad things from his friends. Tell him the difference between good and bad behaviour and give positive or negative reinfrocement accordingly.

    Boosts Social Skills
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    Makes one Emotionally Stronger

    One gets to express oneself better by playing end number of games. It helps release stress and makes your child emotionally stronger and healthier because in the outside world he will be alone to fight for his right. It assists your child in doing away with apprehensions and worries and making decisions on his own.

    Makes one Emotionally Stronger
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