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Want beautiful skin and hair? Drink Chaach

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 21, 2015
A big glass of buttermilk is refreshing and invigorating. Know the many health benefits of buttermilk that make it more than a refreshing drink.
  • 1

    Lovely skin and hair benefits

    Buttermilk can be an excellent natural cleanser for skin. Mix two spoonfuls of buttermilk with a spoonful of rose water and almond oil each. Using a cotton pad, gently rub your face with the mixture to clean dirt and grime. You can also make a hair mask out of buttermilk by blending together banana and a cup of buttermilk. Apply and keep it on for half an hour to make your hair soft. A buttermilk hair mask is best for those with frizzy hair.

    Lovely skin and hair benefits
  • 2

    Lowers blood pressure

    A study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that buttermilk can help in blood pressure management. Buttermilk lowers blood pressure with the help of a protein in it.

    Lowers blood pressure
  • 3

    Prevents vitamin deficiency

    Buttermilk is loaded with vitamin B complex along with proteins and potassium. Vitamin B is a crucial nutrient as it converts food to energy besides helping in the secretion of hormones, thereby aiding digestion.

    Prevents vitamin deficiency
  • 4

    Lactose-free beverage

    Meeting daily calcium requirements becomes difficult for those who are lactose intolerant. Microbes in buttermilk turn lactose in milk into lactic acid, which makes it a safe dairy product. However, individuals with a severe intolerance might have trouble with buttermilk.

    Lactose-free beverage
  • 5

    Fights sun damage

    Buttermilk can treat sunburn and soothe your skin. Blend together half a cup of buttermilk with half a tomato and a few mint leaves. Apply the paste on to the affected skin to promote healing process.


    Fights sun damage
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