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5 Reasons to wear lipstick everyday

By:Editorial Team, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 14, 2015
Women wear lipstick everyday to add colour to your lips and a little glamour.
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    The Lipstick Way

    Lipstick is one of those makeup essential which are cheaper but do a lot of good to your appearance. It i confidence booster and the possibilities are endless when it comes to shades to select to go with your dress.

    The Lipstick Way
  • 2

    Confidence Boost

    Wear lipstick every day for a week straight and you will feel more confident. And, it doesn't take much of your time. Focus on your attention-getting lips.


    Confidence Boost
  • 3

    Colour for Every Occasion

    No matter what you are think of wearing - there is a shade for every occasion. Whether it is ethnic wear, saari or a dress, you will find a colour that compliments your look.


    Colour for Every Occasion
  • 4

    Dress Up Any Look

    You wear glasses and think makeup is tough? A lipstick is all you need! You can dress up any look with a swipe of your favourite colour.

    Dress Up Any Look
  • 5

    You'll be Complimented Left and Right

    If you can figure out the a combination of dress and lipstick or a shade that works for you, compliments will be poured from just about everywhere.

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    You'll be Complimented Left and Right
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