5 Ways to fix a botched haircut

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 30, 2015
It’s the worst feeling ever to get a bad haircut that doesn’t look even remotely like the cut you wanted. Here are some options that can assist you in managing a bad haircut.
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    Try new styles

    There are moments when you realize that you are stuck with a hair cut that you did not want and can’t do much about it until it grows back. The truth is that you totally can fix a bad cut. Make the best of this situation to try out some new styles or use some tools, styling products, etc.

    Try new styles
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    Make bobby pins handier

    Although bobby pins have been off the picture these days, you can still use these petite tools to get a neat-looking hairstyle. You can experiment with them as much as possible until the cut doesn’t haunt your personality.

    Make bobby pins handier
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    Wear more hats

    If you can’t get your hair cut even and are just embarrassed to face the world, now is the time to become a hat person. With the growing trend of summer floppy hats and acceptability of baseball caps, your bad haircut could easily be an opportunity to try out some new trendy hats or caps.

    Wear more hats
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    Make headbands your friend

    Wearing headbands actually looks great and is a perfect get-away for a bad haircut. Anyone and everyone can cover up the layer that they don’t want others to see, with ease.

    Make headbands your friend
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    Embrace your haircut

    Try not to knock out your new hair cut immediately. Wash your hair, style it on your own and sport it in and around your neighborhood for a day or two. Strive to get some public feedback and maybe the cut that you didn’t like might grow on to you.

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    Embrace your haircut
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