5 Things that change after you get married

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 29, 2015
Marriage is a progression, which includes two individuals who are bonded together for life. Here are some things that change after you get married.
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    You get addressed differently

    It takes just 3 seconds for a ceremony to instantly change your identity. For starters, you start to be addressed as husband and wife.

    You get addressed differently
  • 2

    You bond your money

    By mutually signing into a marriage, you not only get addressed as a couple, but also merge your accounts. On your wedding day, you pretty much marry each other’s funds and expenses.

    You bond your money
  • 3

    How you see yourself

    Marriage may seem like it simply redefines you to the outside world, but it also affects your perception, personality and who you really are on the inside. This makeover of life can be profound and relatively philosophical.

    How you see yourself
  • 4

    Your priorities become different

    Marriage is not just a mere exchange of rings. After marriage, you compress out the single people you usually used to hang out with, and have a new entourage of relatives, who you can call your own.

    Your priorities become different
  • 5

    World looks at you in a different way

    Being in a married relationship changes everything because marriage is a highly public act, which involves optimism, faith and hope. You will learn that there is a standard that you have to live up to for your entire life and you also have other people around you who you exchange mutual support with.

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    World looks at you in a different way
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