5 things no one tells you about finding a date online

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 23, 2015
Technology has tainted our vision about several things including dating. While there are some simple and speedy ways to meet prospective partners on dating websites, there are some down sides to online dating too.
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    Pictures are not that important as you think

    A survey suggests that when profile pictures are taken in contrast to the “About Me” section, pictures have about 45% importance whereas the “About Me” section has about 55% importance.

    Pictures are not that important as you think
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    "Kind of single"

    More than half of the people who seek online dating are in a committed relationship on the verge of ending their relationship or wanting to cheat. A survey had found that about 11% of those on dating websites are married and only 21% are single.

    "Kind of single"
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    Online daters marry quicker

    People who meet on the digital platform have a propensity to get married much faster than those who meet offline. On an average, the ones that meet online get married within 18 months in comparison with the ones that meet offline, who take about 42 hours.

    Online daters marry quicker
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    What women lie about in online dating

    Women are more likely to lie during online dating. While talking of their personal details, women generally misinform about weight, outlook of their life and their age.

    What women lie about in online dating
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    What men lie about in online dating

    Some facts that men lie about include their income, age and height. Men also lie about the number of partners they have had and what precisely they are hopeful to get from online dating.

    Image source: Getty

    What men lie about in online dating
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