5 Reasons why having grandparents is good for you

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 06, 2015
Grandparents often step in as caregivers for parents who are unable to raise children because of work or other reasons. Here’s how grandparents have amazingly huge benefits for children.
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    Good care

    It goes without saying that growing children need to be taken care of. Not only do grandparents make best baby sitters, but they also are the first friends to the baby. A grandparent’s presence is reassuring.

    Good care
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    Play and learn

    Children need someone to play with, talk to and do many other things with during their formative years. Kids are curious, and who better can there be than grandparents with all that life experience to teach things and share stories and jokes. They have a lot to offer and pass on to their grandchildren.

    Play and learn
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    More activity

    Children love to play. It in a way has dual benefits – both for kids and grandparents. While the grandbaby is taken on a neighbourhood stroll to the playground, market and amusement parks, the parents get their dose of physical activity.

    More activity
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    Great support

    Having someone who spends every day with you is invaluable. Having grandparents around gives kids a great sense of support. Besides support, kids get incredible influence.

    Great support
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    Values and principles

    Grandparents are the first role models for a child who grows up with and is closest to them. Children learn behaviour, principles and values from their grandparents. They have an important part to play in shaping children into a mature, loving and caring person.

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    Values and principles
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