5 Natural home remedies for drowsiness

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 18, 2015
Time is of essence in everyone’s life, but seems never enough in a day. There could be a lot of simple things that could be causing drowsiness. Here are some simple lifestyle home remedies that can make you feel more awake during the day.
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    Get yourself a sleep schedule

    Receiving appropriate sleep is one of the best natural remedies that can keep one away from feeling drowsy during the day. Make a regular habit of going to bed at the same time everyday so that your body gets used to this, instead of sleeping during the day.

    Get yourself a sleep schedule
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    Try to get enough sleep

    On having a sleep schedule ready, you got to ensure that you get enough sleep. Not all are alike, so every individual would need different amount of sleep to function nicely. There can be people who sleep for 10 hours to function well and then there are others that can function adequately even after sleeping for 5 hours. So find the right time and situate your sleep schedule around it.

    Try to get enough sleep
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    Try ignoring alcohol and caffeine

    Caffeine acts as wonders when you really need energy, but is really terrible in sustaining that throughout the day. Consuming too much of alcohol or caffeinated drinks can essentially make it problematical for you to fall asleep. So, try to have a tea or coffee in the morning as it helps take away the drowsiness.

    Try ignoring alcohol and caffeine
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    Do exercise in the morning

    The best and natural remedy that helps you keep up filled with energy in the morning is exercise. Even a simple half an hour exercise can help in keeping away the drowsiness.

    Do exercise in the morning
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    Consume more of healthy snacks

    If you eat health, instead of junk, you are more likely to feel awake than feeling sleepy. Eat a lot of fruits, veggies and food packed in protein as they give your body enough energy without making you lazy or drowsy.
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    Consume more of healthy snacks
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