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5 Must dos for stress-free dating after divorce

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 26, 2015
Divorce is stressful! It is difficult to open your heart and think of love after divorce. Here’s how to make dating after divorce stress-free.
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    When you date after divorce, you might not feel an intimate connection with the person you are on a date with because your previous relationship didn’t pan out. To get different things out of this relationship, there is a need for preparation. Be aware of the fact that your date wants to get to know you before taking the plunge. More importantly, you need to know if the person is worth your while.

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    Go slow

    Don’t rush things when you're dating post-breakup. When you like someone and meet them, take time to know that person well. It is also important for the other person to understand what you want from the relationship.

    Go slow
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    Be honest

    Your past is a part of you. Don’t try to hide anything or feel embarrassed to talk about it. Open up to your date so he can understand and accept your situation. If he doen’t, don’t beat yourself for it as it is simply not going to work.

    Be honest
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    Do have fun!

    Try to make dating fun. The chances of success increase when you laugh, be light, create intrigue and remain mysterious. Letting out your playful side will enhance your compatibility. Everyone likes to have a good laugh.

    Do have fun!
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    Consider social needs

    Divorce can make you lonely. Dating as a cure for loneliness is not the way to go. You must identify your social needs and take decisions accordingly. For example, be mindful to your kids and share feelings with your friends and family.

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    Consider social needs
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