5 Good reasons why you should put an adventure in your workout plan

By:Suhail Sattar, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 27, 2015
Doctors have always emphasized on outdoor activities as potent treatment option for a range of health problems. Here are few reasons why adventure trips are good for you.
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    The body moves in a better way

    Taking an adventure trip makes your body move more fluidly, putting you in a prime condition to take on the action. According to Paul J. Arciero, a professor of health and exercise sciences at Skidmore College, “You’re at ease on vacation, so your muscles are more relaxed—especially those in the shoulders and lower back—and you breathe easier”.

    The body moves in a better way
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    You work the forgotten muscles

    Arciero says, “If you’re a runner, you engage in a linear movement pattern, but when you’re climbing, waterskiing, or surfing, you’re moving outside that pathway—and that’s really valuable to take home, because life happens in more than one plane of motion”. So, with the unusual physical activity, you need to work harder in order to keep up with the challenges of firming the muscle fibers and burning calories. This literally prepares your entire body in a relaxed workout.

    You work the forgotten muscles
  • 3

    Find a happy place for adventure

    For an adventure trip, you have got to go to places where people live long and happy. An active lifestyle is responsible for inducing bliss. According to Kelli Ricco, “When you see exercise as an enjoyable part of life rather than something you need to check off, you do more of it and get more feel-good, life-extending benefits because of it”.

    Find a happy place for adventure
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    Adventure raises the tolerance of uncertainty

    Putting yourself in situations where things don’t go as planned, your body undergoes a learning phase to cope up with the uncertain events lined up ahead.

    Adventure raises the tolerance of uncertainty
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    Mental health and exercise

    When you kick off on your adventure trip, there are a lot of options for activity that come across along with your environment. You can hike, walk, climb, ski and paddle as well. Being home at times gets hard to feel motivated for being physically active, so being away at times can be more appealing.

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    Mental health and exercise
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