5 Flirtatious moves guys do not like at all

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 27, 2015
No man dislikes being flirted to. But, some flirtatious moves can drive them literally away. Girls, take a note of these flirty moves that annoy guys the most.
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    Taking relationship to public

    Guys get annoyed when their girlfriends or prospective dates discuss their personal things with others on social media platforms. Why not keep it between just the two of you?

    Taking relationship to public
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    Always being hard to get

    Games are good, but no one wants to unravel mysteries all day and night. He’ll chase you if he is interested, but don’t keep him in the guessing game for too long.

    Always being hard to get
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    Faking a common interest

    It's great to share a common interest with your partner, and it is also fine when there is no common ground to talk about. But, it is not fine and is also extremely annoying when you try to fake it. Don’t make us think you are a liar.

    Faking a common interest
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    Playful pinching, punching, slapping, etc

    That is not cute. It is nothing more than a mentally taxing thing for us men. If all you want is a little bit of attention, there is a bible out there on ways to get it.

    Playful pinching, punching, slapping, etc
  • 5

    Damsel-in-distress move

    If there is no need for help but you still ask for it, you are annoying the crap out of the guy. You may think it is cute, but the guys don’t think so. It annoys many guys, if not all. Just don’t act and make a simple problem an emergency.


    Damsel-in-distress move
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